Jeanette Toledo / by Jeff Jones


Jeanette Toledo is a recent graduate of Howie the Harp Advocacy Peer Training Program working as a Peer Intern with Cases in the NewStart Program, a short-term alternative to incarceration, to help reduce individuals criminal involvement and begin to work towards recovery and wellness.

Jeanette Toledo believes in services guided by evidence-based approaches including motivational interviewing, trauma-informed care, active listening, non-judgmental, and harm reduction. As a peer specialist, Jeanette Toledo believes in the principles of  “We are all Humans First”, advocacy, recovery, resilience, self-determination, public safety and has a Ph.D. in lived experiences.

Jeanette Toledo is a Certified Peer Specialist – Provisional, Certified Adult and Youth Mental Health First Aid USA, a member of NAMI with Peer-to Peer and Hope to Recovery Certificates and Certificate of Completion for opioid overdose prevention including naloxone and Narcan in order to help save lives, just to name a few.