Jenny Crawford / by Jeff Jones


Jenny joined the Columbia School of Social Work in July 2011 after serving as the Director of Social Work with Urban Justice Center’s Mental Health Project.  Since joining the School of Social Work she has dedicated her time to supporting students in field practicums, with a focus on interdisciplinary practice within social work and the law.  She teaches both Contemporary Social Issues, a social policy course, and developed and teaches the first Forensic Social Work class offered at CUSSW.  Additionally, Jenny teaches supervision and field instruction to MSW graduates, and has co-created a curriculum for practitioners and organizations on recognizing and managing vicarious trauma. 

Before becoming the Director of Social Work with the Mental Health Project, Jenny dedicated her social work expertise to the Bronx community at The Bronx Defenders, a holistic public defender office in the South Bronx that provides criminal, family and civil defense.  Starting in 2002, she helped develop the role of social work within an interdisciplinary model of advocacy and in 2005 became their first Director of Social Work.  In 2009, Jenny received The New York City Chapter for National Association of Social Workers Social Work Image Award for her outstanding contributions in social work administration.

Jenny has a private mitigation practice working on both state and federal cases and lives in Harlem with her husband and two children.