Ray Ferns / by Jeff Jones

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Ray Ferns, M.S. is a nationally recognized expert in adult and juvenile corrections with over thirty (30) years of experience working in juvenile and adult corrections. Mr. Ferns has been published in numerous corrections journals and has provided training/consulting services to more than seventy (70) federal, state, and county correctional agencies to more than 20,000 staff. His work has included assisting law enforcement agencies with implementing “community policing” practices; assisting the National Traffic Safety Commission in developing drivers safety training targeting high risk youth; assisting the Virginia Department of Corrections in planning for, applying and evaluating “Evidence Based Practices” in both prison and community corrections settings; assisting the Maine State Prison, in developing a specific training for staff to influence the culture of the prison in the direction of supporting and applying Evidence Based Practices, developing core communications curriculum for the Department of Corrections in Kansas, Georgia, Virginia, as well as the Division of Youth Services in Montana and assisting The National Institute of Corrections in developing training for state and local corrections organizations.

Work/Higher Education Experience:

·         Adjunct Professor, University of Oregon, Interdisciplinary Studies Program, 1986-1987

·         Instructor, BPSST, Oregon, The Supervision of Sex Offenders, 1983-1987

·         Consultant, National Institute of Corrections, Longmont, CO “Cognitive/Behavioral Interventions” 1998-2000

·         Adjunct Professor, summer sessions, James Madison University, 2006-2008

·         Corrections Officer, Oregon Department of Corrections, 1978-1979

·         Misdemeanant Probation Officer, 1979-1981

·         Adult Probation Officer, Oregon Department of Corrections, 1981-1988

·         Community Corrections Director, Northern Central Counties, Oregon DOC, 1988-1994

·         Project Coordinator, Cognitive/Behavioral  Programs, ODC, 1994-1997

·         Lead Trainer, Leadership and Organizational Development, ODC, 1997-1999

·         Manager, Regional Juvenile Detention Center, 1999-2001

·         CEO, Restorative Correctional Services, 2001-present


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·         Virginia Probation/Parole Association Annual Conference, “Restorative Case Management:  “The Evolution of Correctional Case Management” 2006

·         Indiana State Community Corrections Conference, Keynote Speaker, “Why Change” 2007

·         Virginia Criminal Justice Association, “Effective Communication/Motivational Strategies”.  April 2007


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