There are too many people to name who, in the spirit of collaboration, gave of their time and energy to make this event possible.  Nevertheless, what follows is a start.


Valerie Lynch, Community Church of New York (CCNY); Esther Rosado, CCNY; Gallery35, CCNY; Melissa Ennen, The Commons; Shakespeare, The Commons; Anthony Taylor, CCNY; Dominique Martin, MSW, Columbia University; CSS; Lily Passaretti, Columbia University/CSS.

Gloria J. Browne-Marshall, Esq. author and Professor; Mo Beasley, poet and performer; Dr. Bernard Gassaway; Maliki Shakur, former Political Prisoner; Professor Courtney Cogburn, Columbia University; Cheryl Wilkins, Center for Justice, Columbia University; Soffiyah Elijah, Executive Director, Alliance of Families for Justice;  Professor Kirk James, NYU; Professor Tina Maschi, Fordham University; Isaac Scott, Artist, Center for Justice, Columbia University; Sean Pica, Executive Director, Hudson Link; Ray Ferns, Restorative Correctional Services; Jeanette Toledo, Peer Intern, CASES; Rob Carmona, co-Founder, STRIVE and Principal, CarmonaConnect; Victor Pate, Organizer, New York Campaign Against Isolated Confinement (NY-CAIC); Jenny Crawford, Columbia University; Rev. Patricia Reeberg; Bobby Romo, Workforce Supervisor, Center for Employment Opportunity (CEO); Adrienne Hayes; Professor Ernest Drucker, NYC; Professor Richard Wolff, New School University; Marvin Holland, President, William B. Lynch Democratic Club.

The Office of the Manhattan Borough President; Hon. Walter Mosley, New York State Assembly; Hon. Inez Barron, New York City Council.

Vital Supports:

Jeff Maclin, Vice President, Public and Government Relations, Community Service Society (CSS); Santa Soriano, Director, Government Relations, CSS; Alia Winter, Vice President, Digital Strategy, CSS; Jeff Jones, Director, Marketing and Design, CSS; Opal Lynch, Graphic Designer, CSS; Jesse Kramer, Digital Content Coordinator; Judy Whiting, General Counsel, CSS; Estee Konor, Senior Staff Attorney, CSS; Emily Hoffman, Staff Attorney, CSS; George Hairston, Program Associate, Next Door Project (NDP), CSS; Cortlan Hamer, Program Assistant, NDP, CSS; Maxine Silent, Director, Development, CSS;  The Development Department, CSS; Monica Perez, Assistant Controller, Finance, CSS; Lamin Ceesay, Assistant Controller, Finance, CSS; Lynn Woods, Director, Human Resources, CSS; Martin Lubin, Director, Employee Benefits, CSS; Tom Diffley, Director, Office Services; Tesfai Gebremehdin, Associate Director, Office Services; The CSS Legal Department; all of CSS.

Gift Givers:

Artists and Performers: DuPree and Barry Kornhauser; Judd Nielsen and his jazz quartet; Maritri Garrett, vocalist and musician; Isaac Scott and the Confined Arts; Jacqueline Wade; Denesha Wright, DJ Jamm; Jeremiah Moore, FUREE; Maureen Chen, artist, Gallery35.

Members of: College and Community Fellowship’s Theater for Social Change; Theater of the Oppressed- New York City; Families United for Racial and Economic Equality (FUREE).



Lupe Family, Tim Schermerhorn, Democracy at Work; Ellen Raider, Carlos Jesse, Project Director, Next Door Project, CSS; Avery Bizzell, Organizer, Campaign for Expungement, CSS; Patricia Cruz, Executive Director, Harlem Stage; Saundra Gore;  Helen Brodie Baldwin; Robert Drinan; Janeene Freeman.

Generous Souls:

Karen Brown, Community Development Specialist, RSVP, CSS; Marion Miller, MSW, Columbia University; Alan Schulman, Democracy at Work; Prudence Jacobs; Oksana Mironova, Policy Analyst, CSS; Amber Wilson, Project Manager, Health Department, CSS.


Maddy Tyree, Sarah Gardner, Mark Bernstein, Jane Warshaw, Diane Grimes, Ismael Ndow, Andrea Troy, Janice Armstrong, Mark Worthy, Andrea Meyer, Maureen McMahone, Sylvia Ilan, Taylor Abbruzzee, Sarah Bedore, Ryan Lawless.

Family: Lynda and Peter Jahn; Bob Drinan.