we are always accepting submissions to be featured on our website.

The Full Participation is a Human Right Movement is actively challenging the dynamics of exclusion and aims to create a discussion that allows for human rights and lived experience to be the focus of our conversations. In October of 2018, we held our first conference, which examined the exclusions created by the punishment system, race and other hierarchies through a human rights framework. Following this conference and the dialogue that it inspired, we are looking to continue creating spaces to share information and experiences that allow all community members to engage. In this essence, we are looking for contributions -- in all forms -- to be featured on our website.

Our movement highlights the following as ideas that we would like to feature: 

  • Historical connections between enslavement in the United States

  • Radicalized or permanent exclusion in any context

  • Punishment and the formation of the punishment system

  • Moving beyond punishment and violence in all forms

  • The spirit of suffering and transcendence

In addition to the above, we are looking for any additional contributions whose focus is designed to create a dialogue surrounding human rights and lived experiences. We are looking forward to engaging with directly impacted persons, thought leaders, advocates, academics and faith leaders in a way that has never been done before. We hope you’ll join our movement.


We will be accepting all forms of writing, audio files, photographs, and videos.