the full participation movement

The Full Participation Movement is actively challenging the dynamics of exclusion and aims to create a discussion that allows for human rights and lived experience to be the focus of our conversations. The movement focuses on the historical connections between enslavement in the United States, violence, radicalized exclusion, and punishment, to explore more ways to fully engage with the patterns of our history and to form institutions that create a culture of moving beyond punishment, violence, and repressive ways and attitudes that subordinate and dominate others.

This year, the movement is partnering with 400 Years of Perseverance to understand the intersections between race, punishment and exclusion in the United States.

400 years of PERSEVERANCE

The Association for the Study of African American Life and History’s (ASALH) 400th Commemoration Committee seeks to educate America and the global community about the arrival of Africans in the Virginia Colony and tell the story of the resilience of the African American family, their contributions to America, and most of all African American perseverance over four centuries.

Full Participation is a Human Right (2019) is a featured New York City event of 400 Years of Perseverance, ASALH’s year-long series commemorating the African American experience in the United States. To learn more, please visit: