#Me too / by Jeff Jones

By Zudaydah R. Blank

#me too Ms Hill, Ms. Ford.. can you afford
a few minutes..?
It’s hard to get into this
But I want you to know
You are not alone.
This is “me too”
Who am I ?
I am she
And what he did to me
No one wanted me to repeat... he said:
Not a word
You don’t have a say
I will take it anyway
They won’t hear
They won’t see
SHUT YOU up for eternity
My mask is on
Im a fraud
They all think
I am so good
Maybe you should
Tell the truth about me
Maybe I’m sick
Maybe I can trick
All of them to believe you wanted this
Maybe I can make them believe -I’m a narcissist
You won’t win
It’s a sin
Family tradition
This is my rendition
I will impose
What they did to me
I will give it to thee
I don’t care how you
I will say it’s a lie
Shut up
And give up
You’re weak
They left you alone
And no one cares
Don’t you dare
No one loves you
I can hurt you
They won’t care
They left you there
Just for me
All to me
I will devour
At any given hour
Im your worst nightmare
All your bad dreams
For the rest of your life
Will be about me...”
I said...
“Hold on!
Don’t touch me!
Leave me alone!
I do not condone!
Don’t touch me!
Don’t rape me...
He was right..